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Chromium Crusher Review

Shopping for a grinder can be tough. With so many options to select from, it can be hard to make a choice from the rest of what the market has to offer. If you are hoping to get one that can do what it intends to do, then it would be a good idea to try out the Chromium Crusher.

This has consistently been the most affordable premium grinder that the market offers these days. It has also earned such widespread recognition thanks to its superior design as well as its reliable construction. This is one true grinder that is in a class of its own and can offer customers the best that a heavy duty zinc grinder made from CNC aluminum can bring about.

Made from durable and stronger materials

This is a grinder made from CNC aluminum and heavy duty zinc. You do not have to constantly worry that it is going to break easy or get damaged after several use. Expect that this is one grinder that can last for a fairly long time.

Economical and long lasting

When you buy a grinder, you would prefer if the one you get does not require you to have to buy another anytime soon. This is exactly what this grinder can offer. So, this is perfect for constant use as it should not easily deteriorate.

Offered with a limited warranty

Not many grinder manufacturers are willing to offer any warranty for their products, the fact that this is offered with one always speaks very well to the buyers.


  • Design makes it hard to lose: A lot of people have issues about how they end up losing their grinders or misplacing them. This one is designed to successfully address that.

  • Strong magnet at the top piece: This means that even if you accidentally drop the grinder, it will remain sturdy though of course, handling it cautiously is always the best way.

  • Grind is fairly fine: every user would want the grind coming out of this device to be really fine and this is exactly what they will get.


  • Small particles can gather around the edges of the pollen catcher: This can be solved by scraping them off though.

  • Grind may not be fine enough for vaporizers: The grind can be a little chunky when used for vaporizers.


All in all, this is one grinder that you can really rely on whenever and wherever you want to use it. Wirth a pollen catcher that works really well, a good price, and a very good grind, this is one handy herb grinder that you would never really want to do without.

Jet Horizontal Band Saw Review

jet sawWoodworking has seen a boom in the past decade and this is because of the influx of many brands of woodworking equipment that promises not only to deliver high quality results but to also provide an easier option and mode for woodworking enthusiasts to carry out their tasks. The number of high tech brands coming out on in the last decade has widen the choices for woodworking artists and has made the craft of woodworking much more accessible to more people.

Band saws are the most commonly used types of saws in woodworking. They are preferred by most artists because of the accuracy of their cut and the ease of experience it provides to anyone who uses it. Several brands have come forward the past year. Though it’s easy to see how a band saw is the best choice it is difficult to discern your final choice based on the many brands available in the market either online or in physical showrooms.

The coming of the Jet Horizontal band saw has been met with a lot of speculation. When you come to the market with a price tag close to $ 1500.00 you will definitely cause a stir and be the center of scrutiny for having such a hefty price. In this section, you will find a review of the Jet Horizontal band saw on its hits and misses.

The Basics

Based on their official website and their advertisement on Amazon, the Jet Horizontal band saw comes with a high capacity allowing a 7 x 12 inch piece to be worked on and a swivel range of up to 45 degrees. It comes boasting a power source coming from a ¾ horsepower 115-volt motor that ensures it does not back out from any woodworking task put on its way. To add to the already impressive array of features it also comes with a throat depth extending up to five inches.


The pricing is almost immediately a miss if you look at it at first glance. There are other options which is half the price of the Jet Horizontal Bandsaw. Though the quality is extremely high, the results will not be significant unless you are a professional woodwork artist and does woodworking as a profession.

Consumer Reviews

The Jet horizontal bandsaw received mostly positive reviews from customers or woodworking artists who have used it. It received thumbs up for its accurate cutting and efficient working times. The straight cut and the consistent quality is also among the positive drivers of the consumer reviews. Reviewers also raved about the smooth and convenient experience they’ve had with the product. On the downside some users criticized the Jet Horizontal saw for coolant solution that drops out creating a puddle on the floor. Users also complained about the limited length of the bumper that stops the saw so it does not automatically stop at the end of the cut.

Whether or not you are willing to pay the hefty price tag on the Jet Horizontal saw depends on how you would want to use it. It is definitely a great investment and an excellent piece of equipment to have as a woodwork artist.

Best Shapewear in 2016

body shapersThe year 2016 is a great year to buy and wear shapewear. However, you might be uncertain about which types of pieces you should choose. However, one of the best ways to choose shapewear this year is to know about some of the latest trends in the industry. Here are some of them:

1. HelloTem Women’s High Waist Body Shaper

This is an excellent quality body shaper that can be used every day. This is a great item to provide body shaping very quickly. If you wear this body shaper on a regular basis you should be able to slim down quickly. You can add wider hips, boost your body shape, and also easily control your stomach/waist appearance. This item can provide an invisible/attractive look for several women.

2. FeelinGirl body shaper

This body shaper has earned many positive reviews on the World of Internet. It’s made of strong made/material so you can fit the body shaper for a very long time. You shouldn’t have to worry about any complex maintenance for this bodywear. There’s also spiral steel-boned latex that can help the wearer to look slimmer. This shapewear has become popular for women who dream to look slimmer and lovelier in their day to day life. It’s available in many colors such as beige, black, red, and grey.

3. Bali Women’s Shapewear Body Shaper

This is a great body shaper that’s popular now. Many women want to use body shapers now. This one is made from quality spandex and nylon. Both of the materials are used to improve the overall quality/look of the body shaper. Make sure to wash this item manually. This will help the clothing to stay intact for a longer time.

4. Fraato Women’s Body shapewear

This is an excellent product that’s made from 90% nylon. There are other materials that are used in this body shaper, including spandex. There are also some adjustable straps that are provided with the product. They can help to manage the general body size of the shaper more easily. This is definitely an excellent choice if you’re looking for reliable shapewear.

5. ShyMay Women’s Body Shaper Corset

Made from spandex/polyester, this product is designated to provide a comfy item. It has a lovely V neck design that’s attractive for many users. You can easily define your particular body shape by wearing this body shaper, which is a plus over other items on the market.

6. Tulucky Body Corset Shaper

This is considered as one of the top body shapers on the market today. It can provide several benefits for any women who wear them. A corset fits closely around the hips and waist, so this is an excellent option if you want to look slimmer in those areas. There are various types of outfits that would make this type of shapewear ideal for your needs. On the other hand, if you want to focus on different areas such as the torso, there are different options you should consider. It’s available in black/white, and is very comfortable.


Best Places to Metal Detect – Assurance of Enjoyment and Success

You have a metal detector. So what is next for you to do? This is a common question but makes a lot of sense. Of course you have to make your metal detector useful for you. It’s not a toy to be displayed and not a frame to just hang in the wall. Metal detector is expensive anyway so it has to be worthwhile.

History says that ancient people buried their treasures in caves, in waters, in deserts and in forests. Who will know exactly where is that exact place? On that note, metal detectors can absolutely help you discover where the exact location of a particular lost treasure is. Your responsibility will be where you will start your detecting activity. You have lost of choices to choose from.

At your backyard – That’s it. Your first location is just around the corner and just waiting for you to discover. If you don’t have a backyard, try to go to an old house that has a backyard. Just make sure it is safe and you will harm anyone. But ask the permission of the owner first before doing your metal detecting.

In School – Especially those school that aged a hundred or more years old. No doubt there is a possible hidden treasure in this kind of place. You can start your metal detecting in school playground or in huge trees surrounded by grass. Here is a list of good metal detectors for kids!

Old church – Surely, this place has lots of hidden treasure down under. Majority of churches are old and built a hundred or more years ago. An old church for sure has ghosts living in it so as lost treasures for sure. Churches have a big role in every countries history.

Old Military Campsites – Very intriguing place yet so exciting to metal detect. When you say military campsite especially if it is old, everyone will for say that there is something in that place. Hidden treasure down under is for sure buried in this area. If not gold treasures, ancient metal bombs and some world war equipment are for sure submerged here.

Mining Camps – Will you have a doubt if they say you have to metal detect in a mining camp? Of course not. Big chance of discovering a treasure in this place will make your metal detector crazy so as the owner. Common sense, mining camps were built because they expect a lot that possible treasure will uncover in this place.

You can also metal detect in construction sites, taverns, orchards, old arenas, farm fields and even in hotels or motels just make sure that they are old and built a long time ago. The older the place is the more chances of unveiling hidden wealth. Remember, metal detectors are not enough if the owner of those devices has no patience and don’t believe in lost treasures. Moreover, researching on perfect places where you can metal detect will be very helpful for you to make you discovery result to a successful adventure.