Best Places to Metal Detect – Assurance of Enjoyment and Success

You have a metal detector. So what is next for you to do? This is a common question but makes a lot of sense. Of course you have to make your metal detector useful for you. It’s not a toy to be displayed and not a frame to just hang in the wall. Metal detector is expensive anyway so it has to be worthwhile.

History says that ancient people buried their treasures in caves, in waters, in deserts and in forests. Who will know exactly where is that exact place? On that note, metal detectors can absolutely help you discover where the exact location of a particular lost treasure is. Your responsibility will be where you will start your detecting activity. You have lost of choices to choose from.

At your backyard – That’s it. Your first location is just around the corner and just waiting for you to discover. If you don’t have a backyard, try to go to an old house that has a backyard. Just make sure it is safe and you will harm anyone. But ask the permission of the owner first before doing your metal detecting.

In School – Especially those school that aged a hundred or more years old. No doubt there is a possible hidden treasure in this kind of place. You can start your metal detecting in school playground or in huge trees surrounded by grass. Here is a list of good metal detectors for kids!

Old church – Surely, this place has lots of hidden treasure down under. Majority of churches are old and built a hundred or more years ago. An old church for sure has ghosts living in it so as lost treasures for sure. Churches have a big role in every countries history.

Old Military Campsites – Very intriguing place yet so exciting to metal detect. When you say military campsite especially if it is old, everyone will for say that there is something in that place. Hidden treasure down under is for sure buried in this area. If not gold treasures, ancient metal bombs and some world war equipment are for sure submerged here.

Mining Camps – Will you have a doubt if they say you have to metal detect in a mining camp? Of course not. Big chance of discovering a treasure in this place will make your metal detector crazy so as the owner. Common sense, mining camps were built because they expect a lot that possible treasure will uncover in this place.

You can also metal detect in construction sites, taverns, orchards, old arenas, farm fields and even in hotels or motels just make sure that they are old and built a long time ago. The older the place is the more chances of unveiling hidden wealth. Remember, metal detectors are not enough if the owner of those devices has no patience and don’t believe in lost treasures. Moreover, researching on perfect places where you can metal detect will be very helpful for you to make you discovery result to a successful adventure.