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Jet Horizontal Band Saw Review

jet sawWoodworking has seen a boom in the past decade and this is because of the influx of many brands of woodworking equipment that promises not only to deliver high quality results but to also provide an easier option and mode for woodworking enthusiasts to carry out their tasks. The number of high tech brands coming out on in the last decade has widen the choices for woodworking artists and has made the craft of woodworking much more accessible to more people.

Band saws are the most commonly used types of saws in woodworking. They are preferred by most artists because of the accuracy of their cut and the ease of experience it provides to anyone who uses it. Several brands have come forward the past year. Though it’s easy to see how a band saw is the best choice it is difficult to discern your final choice based on the many brands available in the market either online or in physical showrooms.

The coming of the Jet Horizontal band saw has been met with a lot of speculation. When you come to the market with a price tag close to $ 1500.00 you will definitely cause a stir and be the center of scrutiny for having such a hefty price. In this section, you will find a review of the Jet Horizontal band saw on its hits and misses.

The Basics

Based on their official website and their advertisement on Amazon, the Jet Horizontal band saw comes with a high capacity allowing a 7 x 12 inch piece to be worked on and a swivel range of up to 45 degrees. It comes boasting a power source coming from a ¾ horsepower 115-volt motor that ensures it does not back out from any woodworking task put on its way. To add to the already impressive array of features it also comes with a throat depth extending up to five inches.


The pricing is almost immediately a miss if you look at it at first glance. There are other options which is half the price of the Jet Horizontal Bandsaw. Though the quality is extremely high, the results will not be significant unless you are a professional woodwork artist and does woodworking as a profession.

Consumer Reviews

The Jet horizontal bandsaw received mostly positive reviews from customers or woodworking artists who have used it. It received thumbs up for its accurate cutting and efficient working times. The straight cut and the consistent quality is also among the positive drivers of the consumer reviews. Reviewers also raved about the smooth and convenient experience they’ve had with the product. On the downside some users criticized the Jet Horizontal saw for coolant solution that drops out creating a puddle on the floor. Users also complained about the limited length of the bumper that stops the saw so it does not automatically stop at the end of the cut.

Whether or not you are willing to pay the hefty price tag on the Jet Horizontal saw depends on how you would want to use it. It is definitely a great investment and an excellent piece of equipment to have as a woodwork artist.